IT Architects

We provide consultants with proven leadership experience within application architecture, technical architecture, data architecture and network achitecture. These could be focused on setting architecture direction, enabling the direction set for the department, or leading teams to deliver business capabilities through development and implementation of technical solutions.

  • Possess a strong understanding of direction for, one or more technical disciplines within an architecture sector and/or discipline while frequently contributing to the development of new theories and methods.
  • Accountable for creating, applying, and approving architectural content and complex cross-discipline architectures or strategies which integrate with industry trends.
  • Understand and drive integration within and across business portfolios.
  • Sponsor architectural efforts and bring balance and influence to architecture decisions, business requirements and vision.
  • Leading technical teams. Coaching and mentoring peers and analysts.
  • Engage in the full lifecycle experience, from building teams to leading team achievements.
  • Possesses an appreciation of the construction, knowledge of the implementation, and management aspects of the solution lifecycle to produce solutions designs that are viable and can be successfully constructed, implemented, operated and managed.